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The main thing about Rosé

Rosé is considered to be a cult drink. Rose wine is associated with a sophisticated holiday, it is perfect for summer evenings: light, refreshing and cool.

Real rosé wine is made only from grapes of red varieties. Its color is obtained from a short contact of the squeezed juice and berries peel: the wort simply does not have time to become colored. Sometimes the berries are squeezed until the desired color is obtained; to make the wine darker, the wort is infused on the berries peel (they are taken out when the future drink has reached the required saturation).

Rosé wine bouquet is not as saturated as that of red, but just because of the lightness of taste, this wine is perfectly combined with any dishes.

The best temperature to serve rosé wine is 10-12 °C.

Do not forget to buy a rosé wine for your journey! It will be very useful for summer vacation. Here are our favorites:

Masi, Rosa dei Masi

One of the most popular Italian wines.

This wine of a gentle cherry color combines an unusually strong taste and a mild aftertaste. It is noticeable for refreshing notes of sourness, and the aroma itself provides the flavor of red berries, primarily cherries and raspberries. Variety of grapes Refosko.

Domaines Ott, Chateau Romassan Bandol

This is a French dry rosé wine from the Provence region. The fragrance is revealed with a bouquet of lilacs, and the flavors palette attracts with fresh and bright notes, dominated by sweet fruit shades. The wine is a wonderful aperitif, it is well combined with pork, fish and vegetables, as well as dishes of Asian cuisine.

Guy Saget Sancerre Rosé

This wine has a delicate pink color. Aroma is pleasant, with accents of red fruits and berry halftones. The taste is harmonious, fresh with light fruit accents. This wine is perfectly combined with meat and vegetable dishes.

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